“The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why”

– Mark Twain

Angie strives to assist women entrepreneurs to determine their gifts and how to use them to reach greater success.  She is that ever present voice in your head, accountability partner who believes, "I can't take you where I will not go." Additionally, she uses a "gracefully assertive" deliberate approach in empowering her clients while providing the  tools for application.  Find out how she can help you and your business today!

Angie Sims 


Angie's Assignment

For many years Angie empowered, inspired and helped those around her to discover the true desires of their heart.  Once realizing their desires she provided countless hours of consulting on how they could apply those desires into a life career or life plan. 

In 2015, after being laid off from her corporate job of 14 years, her family moved from Northern NJ to Acworth, GA excited about the opportunity to finally live out God's promise. A month or so after moving into a new life of wonderment and open space,  her mother suddenly suffered a stroke a few weeks before Christmas. Within the next 6 months God called both her mother and her Nana, her mother's mother, whom helped to raise her, home to Glory. Two weeks after burying her mother while in the shower she heard God say "I want you to teach." She respositioned herself and refocused to answer God's call and use her gifts.

Author, Entrepreneur, Business strategist, Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Trainer, Diversity and E-learning Specialist.

Angie is an expert rainmaker whose ability to impact change in the hearts and minds of those that she develops has made her a game changer. A true influencer, Angie  spent over 14 years as a business leader in the financial services industry at Morgan Stanley and its predecessor firms. During this time she held several critical roles including manager of Smith Barney’s entire online training platform where she created their first continuing education curriculum for their 22,000+ employees. 

A true motivator Angie launched Angie Speaks as the coaching arm of her business assisting business owners with breakthroughs that lead to more money earned.

Angie is a board member and business sponsor of the Atlanta Women's Network, the oldest women's network organization in Atlanta, the Dirctor of Ambassador Host program for Business & Balance, Inc., the fastest growing women's membership network organization in Atlanta, the International Vision Team Director for Taurea Vision Avant's Show Your Success Workshop and the hospitality chair for Ford Elementary School's PTSA.

Angie lives in Acworth, GA with her husband and their 7 year old son.

She also held the role of Deputy Director of Diversity where she reported two levels from the CEO and implemented several management and employee initiatives which successfully enhanced their culture of inclusion and retention.

Angie has been  coaching others into their excellence for nearly two decades assisting clients with breakthroughs in determining what they were brought here to do and empowering them to get it done. As the founder of Angela’s Exquisite Events, she spent the past 18 years as premier wedding/event planner assisting her clients in discovering and experiencing their dreams.